Linda Wentz, Professional Pianist/Entertainer



Linda Wentz was born and raised in the East before moving to the mountains of Northern Utah in 1983.  Her entire life has been devoted to music.  She began taking piano lessons at the age of seven and studied with the finest of teachers for a period of over ten years.  During this time,  it was not unusual for her to practice six-seven hours each day.  Liberace was her idol,  and she would try to mimic his playing by accompanying him on many of his LP records.

Linda played her first wedding at the age of  7 1/2., and at the age of nine accompanied her father who was an accomplished musician at the steel guitar.  They performed at many venues throughout the East and Mid-West states.  By her early teens,  Linda began her own long , continuous career of entertaining .  Venues included restaurants, fine department stores, hotel lobbies, country clubs, supper clubs, corporate events, classical concerts and in-home concerts, before they gained the popularity of today.


Upon moving to the West, she owned and operated two piano academies which served Salt Lake City and the Intermountain West.  By this time, her popularity as a performer was soaring and she could no longer devote the time to accommodate her many students.  She closed her businesses and continued performing throughout the U.S.  Her clientele have included several Hollywood celebrities, Governors, Government dignitaries, Fashion designers and major corporations.

In 2011,  Linda began performing her  "Celebrating Liberace" concerts in order to honor his accomplishments and the beautiful music he brought to the world.  She wants everyone to remember him and introduce his unparalleled style of playing to those of a new generation.  She is so devout to this cause that her friends and fans call her "Linderace".


Upcoming Events


  • "Saw Linda play at this benefit concert, She is wonderful. What a blessing to hear her play!"
    Little Sisters of the Poor
  • "Linda was fabulous! I hosted a party for some of my business clients, and she was so professional. Her music truly "transcends the ordinary"!"
    George Kennedy ~New York Private Party