Linda Wentz, Professional Pianist/Entertainer




Quotes Linda, You have a special touch at the piano. I enjoyed hearing all about Liberace. He must be looking down and smiling upon you. Goshen, Ct. Quotes
Doreen Arcuragi

Quotes You were amazing! Get me a hose.The keys are on fire! New Milford, Ct. Quotes
Karen-Activity Director

Quotes Thank you for your beautiful tribute to Liberace. I remember seeing him when he came to Wallingford. He had the same kindness and sincerity that you display in your performance. Thank you for sharing your talents and portraying Liberace in a posiitve manner that he deserves. God bless! Quotes
Bob and Arlene

Quotes You sound just like Liberace, but you're missing one thing- his brother George! Quotes
Julie Franco

Quotes Linda, I am 90 years young. I am part of the greatest generation that has ever lived. I saw Liberace play the piano many times in my life. If I had not seen you at the piano, iI would have thought it was him. Young lady, you were born in the wrong generation. Thank you for the best music that I have heard in years. Southington, Ct. Quotes
Carl Checketts

Quotes Dear Linda, Please come back in 2012. I am hoping you will play the Beer Barrel Polka again. It was fun to dance and it brought back many memories from days gone by. Our Lord has blessed you with much talent in your life. Thank you. Manchester, Ct. Quotes
R. Flanigan

Quotes The residents at our congregate living facility truly enjoyed "Celebrating Liberace" . The room was full both with people and with memories. Linda is a great entertainer and we look forward to return visits. Quotes
Eleanor Fox

Quotes Linda, you are fabulous! Quotes

Quotes Thank you for your lovely music. I especially enjoyed the dedication to your Mother and Father. Your parents would be very proud of you if they were here today! Quotes
After a Celebrating Liberace Concert

Quotes Thanks for the memories, when I closed my eyes, I thought when I reopened them, Liberace would have been sitting there! Truly amazing. Quotes
After a "Celebrating Liberace" Concert