Linda Wentz, Professional Pianist/Entertainer




Quotes Saw Linda play at this benefit concert, She is wonderful. What a blessing to hear her play! Quotes
Little Sisters of the Poor

Quotes Linda was fabulous! I hosted a party for some of my business clients, and she was so professional. Her music truly "transcends the ordinary"! Quotes
George Kennedy ~New York Private Party

Quotes The residents at Juniper Hill Village, Storrs, CT loved Linda's pleasant personality, and they truly enjoyed her 'Liberace' performance. The residents felt they'd experienced a little Las Vegas on the east coast:) Quotes
Dawn Curtin

Quotes I would consider you to be one of the greatest pianists of this generation. I have heard many as a former Professor of Music. Southington, Ct. Quotes
Paul C.

Quotes "I saw a piece of music on the piano." " It was not what she was playing!" If it were, the page would have been totally black with notes." "What a master of improvisation!" "Absolutely amazing." Quotes
After a "Celebrating Liberace" Concert

Quotes I couldn't believe the music of Linda! Tears were in my eyes, listening to songs that reminded me of my parents. I love the interaction, and the songs. I will never forget it!!! Quotes
Jessica Olsen

Quotes What a beautiful tribute to Liberace! Linda, your piano performance was wonderful and our residents are still talking about your visit. You are so talented and we thank you for sharing your gift. We hope to see you again soon! Quotes

Quotes I once saw Liberace in Las Vegas. He was incredible! When I closed my eyes, it was like I was there again! Thank-you Linda for this beautiful gift that I will cherish for the rest of my life! Quotes
Jenny Wheeler

Quotes Linda- No one plays the piano quite like you do. You were amazing and your choice of songs were equally impressive.What a concert! We look forward to hearing you again in 2012. Quotes
West Hartford, Ct.

Quotes Ms. Linda, Are those hands insured? We hope so. My wife and I thought you must have an extra set playing and accompanying you. You posess a rare talent.. Quotes
West Hartford, Ct.
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